Exatus Accounting
Exatus is your day-to-day partner.

Exatus is an accounting firm that started its activities in March, 1989 and its main objective is to provide quality services. It follows the commitment to always seek for the maximum positive results, so that the client feels well served in everything they need.

It is a solid company made up of excellent professionals, Exatus benefits of extensive experience in business, accounting, tax and labor areas. Its competitive advantage lies in its ability to offer customers a wide variety of specialized services in several áreas, including service through partners.

Engaged in quality programs, Exatus has the following philosophy “The customer as the excellence” and the purpose of being “A day-to-day partner” for the clients they serve. The company is not restricted to bureaucratically complying with the procedures of a conventional accounting firm, but through its observance, seeking for constant updating and the best methods for efficiency and economic growth of their clients.

Since July 2020, Exatus Accounting Company has installed a branch in the city of Ivoti, with the objective of getting closer to its customers, bringing new business models, expanding partnerships and maintaining its expansion planning. The building was renovated and underwent several improvements, following Exatus´s quality standards. With the remodeling of the internal space, three service rooms and a meeting room for up to twelve people were created. Outside, in addition to the new painting, there were improvements in parking and access sairs (in addition to access for disabled users). As a final touch, a beautiful Garden was made to enhance the various changes and make the “City of Flowers” even more beautiful. Offering the same services that are provided at Estância Velha unit, the competitive edge is due to greater proximity to customers. The office is located at 2861, Presidente Lucena Ave., Brasília district.

Exatus charter of values:


Partnership in management to prosper business.


Provide solutions to customers with quality services, contributing to the evolution of companies, professionals and society, strengthening strategic partnerships and aiming at the business sustainability.


Be recognized for having the best solutions for customer management, with an accounting, managing and strategic focus, expanding the Market, with growing sustainable results, being in the ranking of the best companies to work in RS, up to 2025.


Social Area

As it strives for the well-being of its neighbors and is constantly multiplying ways to implement the conscious desire to improve the reality in which it lives, Exatus is an accounting company concerned with social issues. The actions are diversified and require the participation and voluntary work of the entire team of Exatus employees. Among the actions developed there are: