Advisory and Consultancy

With a highly specialized team, Exatus seeks to minimize tax effects and identify more viable alternatives to its activity, assisting your company in decision making, in choosing taxation, planning the future and even in day-to-day questions, this i show Exatus intends to serve your business.

Find out more suolutions to efficiently meet your needs:

  • Tax analysis;
  • Preventive and follow up advise;
  • Tax, accounting and Human Resource Department consultancy;
  • Assistance and monitoring of legal calls issued by public agencies;
  • Tax, accounting and financial auditing;
  • Companies’ evaluation;
  • Capital gain control in good and share sales to individuals;
  • Creation and monitoring of Holdings;
  • Tax and accounting expertise;
  • Tax planning seeking the best taxation for the company;
  • Tax recovering;
  • Registration of foreign capital with Central Bank;
  • Reports in English;
  • Accounting review, tax and HRD procedures;
  • Review or preparation of transfer price calculation;
  • In-company training;


Combining technology and highly trained professional, Exatus offers customers peace of mind regarding legal aspects and tax assessment, executing all registration procedures and guides preparation, analyzing customer operations and pointing out all possibilities, including the advantages and disadvantages of framing each type taxation by Corporate Income Tax.

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