Agile and Assertive Accounting

Accounting service as an ally of the entrepreneur, in making the best management decisions. Through assertive accounting, it is possible to get to know the business itself better, keep na eye on the demands and be prepared to face factors such as competitiveness and the frequente fluctuations in the economic environment.
Exatus delivers a complete accounting service to its customers with the largest amount of information, helping the organization in decision making. It offers advisory services aimed at improving financial and tax processes, as well as to assist the cliente in directing investments correctly and achieving optimized growth aligned with government regulations.

Fast and humanized service

Professionals are updated to meet the constant changes in accounting standards.

Business structure

Comfort and convenience to provide the best accounting experience for customers.

Market experience

Allowing the transfer of information and tips of the best paths to follow.


Technology that guarantees agility and security for your company´s information.

Results presentation

We hold regular meetings to monitor customer results, ensuring business insights alignment. 

Specialized Professionals

The company´s segmented profile favors personalized service to small, medium and large companies, always with the best experience and cost-benefit.

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