Specialized company taking care of your financial management

Entrepreneur, have you ever thought about having a specialized company taking care of the administrative part of your business, letting you to focus on the main acitvity of your company, and outsource secondary services, such as the financial part?

This is the Exatus Financial Management´s proposal, also known as Financial BPO.

Save the time that you would spend with financial management to focus on your business, and leave the bureaucratic work to those who are experts in the job.

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And what are the benefits of hiring a Financial BPO?

Among the many benefits that can be mentioned, the most important for the entrepreneur are:
• Reduced costs;
• Reduced risks;
• Time optimization (increased produtivity);
• Qualitity of service;
• Better management;
• Greater control – the work is done in close proximity to the entrepreneur, who will have all access to the system for consultancy service and movement analysis, allowing real-time monitoring, whenever the company wants.

Para quem esse serviço é destinado?

Financial Management is an alternative for samll businesses, where generally the business owner is also responsible for the financial bureaucratic part, mainly for service providers, such as: • Marketing and Advertising agencies; • Nurseries; • Health clinics; • Gym and Pilates; • Sales representatives; • Other recurring service providers; • Finance is a fundamental and essential part for companies. You can count on all the expertise of the specialized accounting office that Exatus can offer, providing financial support with agility and reliability.

Benefits of
Financial BPO

Reduced Costs
Com uma gestão especializada você reduz custos e riscos para um crescimento sólido.
Increased productivity

Reduza custos e otimize seu tempo, aumentando sua produtividade e qualidade do serviço.

Greater Control

Ter uma empresa especializada cuidando da gestão do seu financeiro é ter mais controle e saúde financeira.