Better organization of intern process

The HRD is an area specialized in the bureaucratic procedures of company employees. At Exatus, the services of this important department aims to guarantee the best organization of internal processes and the fulfillment of all companies´ duties towards the employee, as well as from the employee to the company.

When hiring Exatus, customers receive all the necessary support for the monthly and anual payroll routines according to labor and social security legislation, as well as union rules.

Discover some of the advantages of counting on the services of the specialized team of Exatus HRD:

  • Preventive guidelines seeking to avoid future labor liabilities;
  • Social penalties risk reduction;
  • Staff direct expenses reduction due to outsourcing;
  • INSS restitution withheld at source – NF (Social Security process)
  • Procedures for hiring and firing employees;
  • Montly payrolls preparation;
  • Tax payment guides preparation;
  • Vacation management support (regular and collective);
  • Fast and humanized service provided, with updated professionals regarding the constant changings in labor regulation;
  • Other activities entrusted to the department.

Do you have housekeeper service?

The registration of housekeepers is also carried out by Exatus

Since October, 2005 the registration of domestic employees on “e-social” has become mandatory. Along with all the necessary legal procedures and aiming to facilitate the process for employee and employer, Exatus provides the service of housekeepers registration. It is important to remind you that housework goes beyond the cleaning lady or cook. Any worker who provides services in the family on a regular basis can be considered a domestic employee. You can request a contact with Exatus’ HRD and get more information!




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